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Related post: Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 01:30:21 EDT From: Subject: Queer For Cowboys 7This is the 7th chapter in my ongoing story. Sorry for taking so long but have a real life too readers. Enjoy, and all comments are welcome at Queer For Cowboys 7 Jake was true to his word as I was suddenly awakened from the force of something being pushed up my ass. I quickly spread my legs and pushed back as a loud moan accompanied my own as Jake's cock slid inside me. I grunted a couple times as I oriental nude bbs got use to his thick cock but he was patient until I was dark lollita collection bbs feeling no discomfort. He eased himself down on my back before he started pounding his hips against my ass cheeks while driving his cock deep as he could. preeteen models bbs nude I knew he wasn't going to last very long since most of these morning fucks weren't. True to form he started grunting and breathing real deep just before I felt his cum spreading inside me and some leaking out around his cock. 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I had been hoping to have some fun with who ever were still there. I checked in with Jake just to make sure that nothing had changed before I started walking around town. There seemed to be a little bit more activity around town and I figured out there must be a cattle drive close bye because of all the rough dirty cowboys moving bbs teeny cp around and mostly in and out of the saloons. I noticed that a lot of the guys would come stumbling out after having almost too much brutal sex bbs forum to drink and grabbing their crotches as they stepped out. Guess all bbs ls top the drinking had made them horny and I heard a few remarks about getting a piece of ass but wasn't sure whose ass they were referring too. I must have stood there longer than I should because I noticed one cowboy, illegal child bbs who looked like he had been doing bbs video indian the same job for a pedo porn bbs forum while, looking back at me. 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I still didn't say anything but my own cock had gotten excited and it was hard to hide the bulge in my pants. The cowboy looked down at me and said he could tell that what he was saying was true from the way my own cock was standing up. He glanced up and down the sidewalk and when he was sure no one could hear him he told me that if I wanted to be nice and help adolescent candid bbs him out that he would return the favor and take care of petite models bbs board my little uprising. I knew what he was virgin petite bbs talking about but still didn't say anything. He told me to walk past the general store, which was only a couple buildings away, and go around behind it and come up behind the saloon and gay boy bbs he would be waiting for me there. I walked away with my jeans rubbing tightly against my cock and wasn't sure until I got to the general store if I was going to meet the guy. 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He leaned back toward bbs videos xxx me as I sucked his cock back in my mouth. He rocked his hips back and forth real slowly and I matched his rhythm as he slowly fucked my mouth. I relaxed and let him use me as I moved my hand down to my own cock and rubbed myself through my pants. He noticed and pulled me nude jpg gallery bbs up and off of his cock as he leaned down and told me to remove my shirt as he unbuckled my pants. free bbs model forum He pushed me back on a stack of old saddle blankets and grabbed my boots and pulled them off right along with my pants. He spread my legs as he looked at my hard little cock and grinned. He said he could remember being that ls lsm bd bbs young and horny and only wished he could have found someone to suck and fuck him back then. He stood me up on the blankets, which almost put my cock level with his face. 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He free dark bbs nudes grabbed my hips and picked me up off of the blankets and bbs amateur sex then spun me around and bent me over. He spread my ass again and tried to push his cock into it. I heard him spit just before feeling his saliva running down the crack bbs girl pix of my ass. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down a couple times them placed it against my opening. He gave one hard thrust and the head and over half of his cock entered me. I tensed up and he waited for me to relax before pulling his cock part of the way out, then ramming it all the way in. I grunted but kept from screaming and he rubbed my head and started pumping his cock in and out of me. He was telling me how hot and tight my ass was and how so much better it was than some of the whores out in the saloon. He went on to say elweb bbs gallery that he had fucked some cows teens home bbs that were better than the whores. 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I felt his cock slide out of my ass as his cum ran free porn bbs list down either side of my thighs. He said he had really made a mess but it looked so hot with my asshole puckered up at him and leaking his cum. He noticed my cock was still hard and asked if I wanted him to go find him some more cock to ram up my pussy. He told me he would make sure it was some of the guys he knew and not the local town's people. While he was telling me this he was putting his clothes back on and stepped out the door that went into the saloon. I used some of the cum running out of my ass to lube up top 100 pedo bbs my cock as I slowly jerked on it while I waited. I heard the door creak as the cowboy returned with a couple of others. He pointed to me and told them he was not lying to them and if they didn't believe him they could just kiss my ass and taste his cum for themselves. 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I thanked the man and rubbed against his cock, which caused him to pull back. He said that after fucking my ass twice and letting me suck him off another three times his cock was sore and would probably be that way until the next town they got to visit on their cattle drive. I left through the back door and noticed he looked out to see if anyone had seen me leaving. I put the coins in my pocket and liked kds lol bbs rompl the way they jingled as I took quick steps back toward the blacksmith's shop. My ass was still slick and I was sure some more cum had managed to find its way out of me. By the time I got to the stable I was ready to take almost anything up my ass. I was glad to see Jake all sweaty and hot but was disappointed when I saw Mr. Finley standing close by as he waited on Jake to finish what he was working on. Jake smiled and called to me as he index sex nymph bbs told me to say hello to Mr. Finley. Mr. Finley smiled and asked how I had been doing this morning and I told him pretty good. Jake said he would teen bbs model forum be about ten more minutes with the repair bbs pree he was making and Mr. Finley was waiting so it would be better if I found something to keep myself occupied until then. Mr. Finley asked if it was all right for me to show him around the barn. He said that way both of us would be out of Jake's way. Jake said that was fine but that we should be careful and not get into any trouble as he winked at me. As we walked toward the barn I could feel the cum and juices from my ass starting to run down the inside of my legs. This forced me to walk with wider steps and probably looked funny to erotic bbs pics Mr. Finley. As soon as we entered the barn I turned into one of the stalls and grabbed Mr. Finley's hand. While pulling him into the stall with me I reached for his pants and started unbuckling them. He acted as if he was going to stop me but I guess he knew he couldn't. He pulled his hands back and I quickly pushed his pants to his knees. His cock had started to grow but was not growing fast enough to suit me. I sucked it teen sex bbs links ranchi kidz bbs down my throat and started rolling my tongue around inside the foreskin as the head pushed out against it. I was forcing my own pants off as his cock was quickly responding to me sucking on it. I pulled my mouth off and was sure it was hard enough to go where I wanted it. I spun around hairless pussy bbs and bent over as I leaned myself into his cock. elweb ls bbs Mr. Finley just moaned as he lined his cock up and with one thrust sank it all the way down to his balls. He moaned and small pics bbs quickly started pumping as I grabbed my cock and kept time with his pumping. I was getting close elweb bbs young girl to cumming but just before getting to that point of no return, he collapsed on top of me and I felt his cock pulsing inside me. I pumped back against him hoping it would start him back up but he bbs video model started apologizing for not being able to get me off. He stepped back quickly and as I turned sunbbs photo I had just enough time to see Jake's massive cock before it forced its way inside my sloppy asshole. I moaned and pushed back against him as he grabbed my hips and held me still for a second. He said it sounded like I had wanted to be ridden hard and put away wet as he slowly pulled his cock all model preeteen nonude bbs the way back until only the head was still inside me. He waited until he felt me trying to push myself back on his cock before he thrust it kindergarten bbs all the way in again. 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He started pouring the water over my head as he told me to bbs young japan models scrub as much of the cum off of me as I could and I could finish the job when we got home. Mr. Finley asked if he could have some water and I told him he home bbs photo sex didn't need any. I grabbed his hand and quickly licked the few drops of cum I teenpics bbs could find and then started peeling his cock back like it was a banana. I made sure I licked every drop of cum I could find and also noticed that Mr. Finley's cock was pretty sensitive at the time but he refused to have me stop and let out a moan just as I did. I felt his cock begin to swell and knew he would have let me suck on it as long as I wanted. Jake and Mr. Finley left the barn to finish their business as I collected my clothes and got them back on. When I caught up to them, Mr. Finley thanked me for the tour and told me I was welcome to visit him anytime I wanted. 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